Flooding In Numerous Communities In Ohio and Michigan Following Storms

Severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall have pounded parts of the Midwest and the Deep South throughout the beginning of the week, and it looks as though the rainfall will not decrease into the end of the week. The threat of severe thunderstorms will not be as high on Tuesday as it has been over the past couple of days though. Flash flooding will now be a main point of concern, especially for parts of Texas. Generally, it has been a very dry 2014 so far for central and south Texas.

On Tuesday, isolated severe storms will be present over parts of the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, and the Mid-Atlantic. Heavy rainfall will be more than likely from parts of the Great Lakes to parts of Texas and even Louisiana. Also, flash flooding is also a possibility where the heavier rainfall occurs. The cities that are expected to see the worst of this system are Houston, Corpus Christi, and Memphis.

There will be a spike in the threat of severe thunderstorms in the Deep South, Tennessee Valley, and Ohio Valley on Wednesday, with the severe threats being damaging straight-line winds, a few tornadoes possible, and local flash flooding. The cities that are predicted to be impacted the most are Cincinnati, Nashville, and Birmingham.
On Thursday, the severe thunderstorms are predicted to hit from Georgia to the Carolinas, and even western and



Upstate New York. Asheville, Charleston, and Pittsburgh may be negatively impacted by this cell.
Starting on Friday, the threat of local flash flooding will move into the Northeast. This will make a wet commute to and from work, with flight delays possible from New York City to Washington D.C. The cities that are expected to be impacted the most are Washington, Philadelphia, New York City, and Syracuse. Ohio and Texas have experienced severe flash flooding and power outages on Monday night throughout the day on Tuesday as well.

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